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We are a business-to-business service that delivers on-time document remediation and digital accessibility uplift for digital solutions.

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Clearing a path for people with special needs clears the path for eveyoneg

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Our Accessibility Services

Digital Accessibility Uplift

Our consultants provide independent advice and practical support to private business, corporations, communities, regulated industries, government departments and other public institutions. All of which rely on us for consulting and advisory services that bring clarity, set the right agenda and ultimately deliver results.

What sets us apart is our real-world experience. Understanding the complex development models and methodologies underpinning an approach is essential, but we also offer access to thousands of hours of accessibility and inclusive design experiences within an agile development environment. 

Our team identifies the unique drivers of change facing your organisation and works to develop the transformation programs and projects that will deliver the greatest benefits. All of which helps us to identify risks and opportunities early and to apply the latest thinking to your specific challenges.

Audits & Usability Testing

We offer our clients detailed accessibility testing and audit solutions for all aspects of your business and in accordance with WCAG 2.2 level. We apply these practices to both Word PDF and HTML in addition to websites across all devices including desktop, mobile and tablet.

Our detailed reports are delivered in conformance WCAG 2.2 with all issues, both severe and prominent brought to your attention. If required, Level AAA is available upon request.

Our reports then drill down to include all issues, flow on affects and steps required to remediate non-conformance with reference coding and/or figures.

Reports are generated and presented to your organisation by one of our specialists in both technical and non-technical format so that all members of your team clearly understand each aspect of our findings and the next steps required to achieve full accessibility compliance.

Document Remediation & Website Consulting

We offer organisations document accessibility solutions to assess and create accessible documents across all platforms for your business. All document remediation adheres to WCAG 2.2 level.

Our accessibility solutions are harnessed and applied to PDF documents generated from Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Excel and Adobe InDesign.

We apply industry leading practices that apply automated tools to identify and fix issues, correct tagging and order, properties and bookmarks, heading structure and reading order, suitable long and short text alternatives for images and ink text, along with form accessibility, table structure and text alternatives.

Document accessibility is a critical course of action for creating documents that reach everyone, everywhere whilst assigning proper hierarchies. The end result is a document that is labelled, concise and navigable for any type of user.

AI Enabled Applications

Recognised globally and extensively used by corporations, business, government, digital agencies and educational institutions, our readymade tools help attain accessibility standards for your business, fast and easy.

With a comprehensive selection of applications, tools and software, decrease conversion time and costs by 90%. Easily remediate in-house inaccessible PDFs into PDF/UA and WCAG 2.2 AA-compliant HTML.

For large quantity similar documents like statements and reports, our custom AI-driven batch processing applications can produce fully accessible, fully usable PDFs, on-demand.

Your organisation can now outsource the cumbersome task of converting inaccessible PDFs to our professional team of experts, saving time and money while improving workflow and employee productivity.

All the applications your business needs today.

Who We Work With

About Us

We are a global provider of inclusive and accessible design, tools, applications and audits that create amazing experiences within an agile development environment.

We specialise in enabling equal access opportunities for people with diverse abilities to interact with your business and we are here to help you create great products and clever concepts, realised for everyone, everywhere.

With over 18 years of experience in Accessibility and Inclusive Design, our team understands what solutions are required to extend the reach of your business and meet the government regulations.

We understand that accessibility automation tools are not perfect, and they can only identify 20% to 30% of the accessibility issues. Real world experience and expertise is required to be compliant and successful in ensuring your website and publications are accessible and inclusive to the broader population.

Automation tools, AI and machine learning are essential to our CDCI pipeline and they augment our specialists to provide you with the most comprehensive and value driven audits. This is why we focus and specialise on existing and emerging technology including AI and machine learning solutions to provide customised solutions to our clients.

We have extensive relationships in the accessibility and inclusive design industry, especially with those who are like-minded and strive to continuously improve and innovate in the accessibility space. 

This enables us to provide unique solutions that are cutting edge to you and your business in accessibility compliance.

From consulting, audits, testing and strategic advice, through to design team, products, services, project support and document remediation, our network of skilled specialists offers a wide-range of services to many sectors.

Beyond this, our clients trust us to navigate the continually changing legislations around inclusion and accessibility while anticipating emergent needs relating to issues such as our ageing world population, individuals with disabilities and increasingly diverse societies.

The partnerships we forge with our clients are built on one universal shared understanding – that the positive impact of good accessibility and inclusive design cannot be underestimated.


“We are pleased with the progress we have made in making our website more accessible, as it means we 
can help more of our members access the information they need to make informed decisions about their 
super and retirement.”
Karen Horne
GESB’s Chief Operating Officer

“I worked with Christos on a number of website accessibility projects in 2011/2012. Christos was always extremely reliable, helpful and knowledgeable. His knowledge of technology, accessibility and WCAG 2.0 is excellent and he has been a pleasure to work with.”

Lizzie Ball
Communications and Marketing Manager Australian AT Network on Disability

“I worked with Christos on a successful accessibility uplift project for a Telstra product, in an auditor capacity. His subject matter expertise on accessibility, willingness to get into technical implementation details and tireless work ethic, working with our development teams in different time zones was instrumental to our project. He was a pleasure to work with and was able to quickly articulate a balanced view of adherence to the standards and the practical impacts for our interface/users. Thanks again Christos!”

Dean Manners
Product Manager at Telstra

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